Our Heritage

Our Heritage
In 1720 Michiel Romond was the first to successfully farm the propitious slopes of Helderberg’s West Peak. Guided by their life-long respect for the environment, André and Rhona Liebenberg now carefully husband those soils of their family-run wine farm. Prime terroir for Cabernet Franc, the farm also produces an elegant Pinotage and a traditional Merlot Rosé

After the first autumn rain, the vineyard rows are lightly disked to prepare a seed bed for the sowing of a cover crop. Then, slowly rinsed clean during the winter rains that follow, a myriad of china and pottery sherds are revealed, each little fragment attesting to a long and varied heritage.

There is evidence in “digging stones” of an early, pre-colonial, presence of San people in the area. As hunter-gatherers they ranged over a vast area, once rich in game. The first European settlers, with a mandate to supply visiting ships, began to tame the wild country across the Cape Flats soon after their arrival in 1652. The pioneers at first established cattle posts in the area before breaking the soil to attempt crop farming.

In 1692, Governor Simon van der Stel grants the land to burger Claas Vegtman, who, however does not take possession and neglects the property. In 1720 Gerrit Romond, an agriculturist from Mauritius, petitions the Council Of Seventeen for the land. He is granted it on the strength of his sober habits and his concern for his seven motherless children, who no doubt formed the core of his workforce — surely a contributing factor in swaying the honourable gentlemen of the VOC .

The western slopes of the Helderberg are successfully farmed by the Romond family, who eventually extend their holding down to the shores of False Bay. Subsequent owners have left small, tantalising clues to their times; the sherds found in the vineyards range from fragments of utilitarian stoneware to fine china, and date from the 15th Century to late Victorian.

The portion of the original farm, now known as Romond, was purchased by the present owners in 1994. There followed four years of rehabilitation of the land; alien trees were cleared, the soil deep ripped and ground drains installed. Then cover crops were sown for two seasons to prepare the land for the planting of the first vineyards in a century. The homestead was completed in 1997 and the winery complex in 2006.

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